Camping in the Mountains of West Texas

When camping is a part of every get-away you take, your camping gear tends to be packed in such a way that you only need to grab a few bins and head out the door. Kind of like a camping ‘go’ box, if you will.

Currently, my car camping bins are configured in such a way that I have lights stored in each bin for each type of use: a lantern for the table, a small collapsible light for illuminating space inside the tent, considerations for a work light when I might need to make a few quick gear adjustments in the wee morning hours before heading out, a quick bicycle drivetrain adjustment before an early morning ride the next day, a flashlight kept in the truck for roadside emergencies, and a trusty headlamp for just about everything else.

headspin headlamp hunting

The Alaska Test

I have a small headlamp and flashlight graveyard in my closet. It seems no matter how much I spend on the the damn things, they always fall apart or flicker out and die right when I need them most. I immediately knew that Headspin’s convertible lighting kit would allow me to chuck those old lights and start fresh. As soon as I opened the Headspin lighting kit I was impressed with the quality feel of the entire system.

headspin headlamp

Versatility is its Middle Name

Five years ago, I decided to build a gear storage and sleep system in the back of my truck that would make prepping for adventures a turn-key process. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I’ve left my headlamp behind once or twice, which makes finding your way around camp in the dark a realchallenge. When I learned about the Headspin convertible lighting system, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my rig’s gear drawer.

HEADSPIN headlamp

In the Thick of Bugling Bulls

When I got the request from HEADSPIN to field-test their new docking lighting system, I had just finished debating the pros and cons of headlamps with my hunting partner at camp. We were in the thick of bugling bulls in a Colorado elk archery season and had been in a cold camp near a herd we couldn’t quite pin down on and off for two weeks.