What is Convertible Lighting?

Convertible Lighting is our solution to owning multiple single-use lighting products. Our convertible system gives users the ability to transfer the lighting unit (HEADSPIN) between different mounts – maximizing its versatility and streamlining the performance of numerous products. No more buying multiple different lighting products from different manufacturers. No more dead batteries. No more drawers full of old lighting products. You can now buy one high-performance light and use it for all your needs.

How does HEADSPIN work?

Simply align the orange indicator dots on the HEADSPIN light and any HEADSPIN mount. Nest the light and mount together and release – magnets take over to rotate and lock the light into place on the mount. To remove the HEADSPIN, turn it 90-degrees and remove it from the connector.

What are “Useable Lumens” and how do they compare to
other brightness claims I see on other products?

Many manufacturers report their brightness claims based on several misleading factors – often leading to brightness claims that do not match the performance experienced by the consumer. We don’t agree with this, so we advertise the real lumen output of the HEADSPIN – or the “useable lumens”. This gives you the peace of mind that you will be able to use every lumen on every setting, every time. No games – just high performance.

What are the performance specs?

We are proud of our industry leading brightness and runtime.  For more information about performance, please visit our performance page on our website HERE

Where do I go for technical questions?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions about your HEADSPIN light system, please feel free to contact us at

What other uses are there for
the bike / rail mount?

We designed the bike / rail mount to fit commonly found bike handlebar sizes (25mm~32mm). But the rail mount can be used for more than just your bike handlebars – it can be used on a wide variety of cylindrical “rails”, including rails on a boat, tripods or monopods, ATV or UTV rails, golf carts, kayak paddles, and many more

Can I service my HEADSPIN?

HEADSPIN is not designed to be opened or modified by the user. If you have any issues related to performance or workmanship, please contact HEADSPIN directly to arrange return and replacement.

Why do I need HEADSPIN?

HEADSPIN is the most versatile light system on the market. The patented one-handed SPINDOCK connection allows you to seamlessly transfer from one activity to the next without losing a step. With two methods for charging and a growing number of compatible mounts, HEADSPIN provides unparalleled access to lighting in all conditions.

Will you be releasing more mounts?

We have a long pipeline of new ways to use HEADSPIN and look forward to bringing them to you. We know that you have ideas too, and we want to hear them. If you have a concept for a new mount that would help you do more, drop us a note at