Camping in the Mountains of West Texas

When camping is a part of every get-away you take, your camping gear tends to be packed in such a way that you only need to grab a few bins and head out the door. Kind of like a camping ‘go’ box, if you will.

Currently, my car camping bins are configured in such a way that I have lights stored in each bin for each type of use: a lantern for the table, a small collapsible light for illuminating space inside the tent, considerations for a work light when I might need to make a few quick gear adjustments in the wee morning hours before heading out, a quick bicycle drivetrain adjustment before an early morning ride the next day, a flashlight kept in the truck for roadside emergencies, and a trusty headlamp for just about everything else.

HEADSPIN Featured on Gear Junkie

We just wanted to say a quick thanks to the folks over at Gear Junkie for featuring the HEADSPIN Kit in their round up of emerging gear for 2020. To be included with brands like Simms, Fox and Chaco is a real honor for us. Gear Junkie is dedicated to the outdoors, health, fitness, adventure travel and all the gear and equipment associated with these endeavors. So, if you’ve ever done any research, on any gear, for any outdoor adventure, you’ve probably spent some significant time on the Gear Junkie Site. Thanks again @GearJunkie. Check out the full gear round up…


headspin headlamp hunting

The Alaska Test

I have a small headlamp and flashlight graveyard in my closet. It seems no matter how much I spend on the the damn things, they always fall apart or flicker out and die right when I need them most. I immediately knew that Headspin’s convertible lighting kit would allow me to chuck those old lights and start fresh. As soon as I opened the Headspin lighting kit I was impressed with the quality feel of the entire system.