Dallas-Based Company Disrupts Outdoor Market with Patented Lighting Invention

DALLAS, TEXAS – HEADSPIN Outdoors, a Dallas-based innovative outdoor product company, introduced its disruptive adventure lighting system earlier this year after a successful Kickstarter campaign and has since been welcomed with open arms by the outdoor industry.

The company breaks the mold of adventure lighting with the unveiling of HEADSPIN, a multi-functional, convertible light system that touts a patented magnetic SPINDOCK technology – the connection mechanism between the light and its various mounts. The current lighting kit includes a headlamp mount, flashlight mount, rail mount, which can be used on boat rails, roof racks, or bicycle handlebars, and a wall charging station.

Additionally, the light unit itself can magnetically connect to any ferrous metallic surface and be used as a task light for anything from setting up camp after the sun goes down to tailgating before a late kickoff.

The company was founded by Chris Grider – an SMU Cox School of Business alum and accomplished Dallas real estate development professional. Grider left that world to follow his entrepreneurial spirit to develop HEADSPIN.

“The Dallas business community has been incredibly supportive throughout our early stages of product development,” said Grider. “While there aren’t many young consumer product companies in Dallas, we have found good company and inspiration in those that call the DFW home.”

HEADSPIN formed after years of experiencing the all-too-common frustrations of owning multiple, single-purpose lighting products and the associated battery types and sizes needed to power them.

“This technology changes the game when it comes to usability and functionality of a typical light,” said Grider. “We found ourselves asking the same questions over and over – which lights do we pack? How many batteries do we need? What types of batteries do we need? Why do we keep buying and discarding standard alkaline batteries? How do we efficiently pack all these lights? When we couldn’t find the solution we were looking for – we built one. Instead of many lights for many activities, we’ve created a system by which one light now has unlimited uses.”

The management team is excited about further pioneering advancements in adventure lighting. Grider says the kit is only the beginning, as the team is currently designing the next series of mounts for release in 2020.

HEADSPIN is currently stocked in more than 70 independent specialty retail locations across the country and growing quickly. For more information visit For product review requests, contact Jason Hartline at 806-543-8749 or by emailing