headspin headlamp

By Eric Hockman

Five years ago, I decided to build a gear storage and sleep system in the back of my truck that would make prepping for adventures a turn-key process. I wanted to be ready to roll so I could get out of dodge faster, allowing me to spend more time at my chosen destination and less time loading gear into the back of the truck. Mise en place, or “everything in its place” is a French term used by chefs in order to prepare and organize ingredients to maximize a recipe’s efficiency. It is also an equally important thought process when it comes to preparing for any adventure and not forgetting a key item, because let’s face it, realizing you’ve forgotten an important piece of gear when you’re half-way to your destination is undoubtedly a temporary buzz kill.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said I’ve left my headlamp behind once or twice, which makes finding your way around camp in the dark a real challenge. When I learned about the Headspin convertible lighting system, I knew it would be the perfect addition to my rig’s gear drawer. As a lover of outdoor gear, I had to check it out. I thought, this could be the solution to never leaving my headlamp behind again.

headspin light charging

On a recent trip to the desert, my wife and I used the kit around camp and found it to be incredibly handy in many different scenarios. Whether it was cooking dinner, planning out the next morning’s adventures, finding just what I needed in the cooler, or setting the mood for telling a good story by the fire, the light delivered on all fronts. For what it’s worth, I’m terrible at telling scary stories, but the light surely helps.

With a smart locking interface also known as a Spindock connection and multiple mount options, going from headlamp to flashlight, to a fixed overhead light mounted on the roof rack of my truck was as easy as twist to remove, or line up and release, letting the magnets lock the light securely in place. As a dedicated cyclist, I also found it pretty sweet that the same mount I used on my roof rack crossbar could also be installed on the handlebar of my bike to light the way for safely getting from A to B. Spot, flood, and strobe modes with four intensity settings provided me with the right light for any given situation. Versatility is definitely this light’s middle name.

headspin rail mount

Adding to the multitude of light modes and mounting options offered in this handy lighting system, two different ways of charging allowed me to fully juice the battery up at home with the Spindock wall charger, then top it off in the field with my solar panel — perfect for those long weekends where a power outlet is nowhere in sight. If that weren’t enough, keeping everything organized and tidy came naturally with the foam lined, highly visible storage case that took up little space in my trucks gear drawer.

After spending some time with this kit on a few of my recent adventures, it’s definitely earned a dedicated spot in the truck. I’m always stoked to find a piece of gear that offers so much value and takes up such a small piece of real estate. Now that leaving a reliable light source behind is a thing of the past for me, I’m wondering what other important piece of gear I could forget on my next adventure will be. Fingers crossed it’s never the coffee kit!